Using Gale for College and High School Instruction

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By Lori Warren

Another plus for using Gale databases for library and research instruction is the integration of Google and Microsoft Tools. The STEM school on our campus uses the Google tools and our college students and faculty use the Microsoft tools.  As our high school students move into college classes, they transition naturally to the Microsoft tools that work with their student Office 365 college accounts.

Two top Gale databases used by both high school and college students, are Academic OneFile and Opposing Viewpoints In Context. Students, faculty and librarians enjoy the different features and tools from these databases. Our library instruction introduces students to the best ways to search using each tool. Students explore: Basic Search techniques, Browsing by Discipline, Topic Finder, Subject Guide Search, and Publication Search.

Once students and faculty find the articles they need for their class assignments, they can use bookmarks to save and create a hyperlinked bibliography to share or save. Under More tools in both In Context databases, students can save, highlight and annotate in one session. Then save their work in Google or Microsoft. Research instruction is easily advanced  from beginner to advanced levels  by stepping students through the graduated In Context products. Start your elementary students with the Research In Context, your middle school students with Student Resources In Context then move to Opposing Viewpoints In Context and Academic OneFile for high school and college students. The beauty of the Gale In Context suite is its versatility, the streamlined navigation and formatting, the tools that appeal to all types of learners, the support, and the graduation of skills acquired as they progress through Basic to Advanced databases.

With Gale and TEL, librarians, teachers and students benefit from the embedded support in the More tools, Help feature. Help provides worksheets, tips, training videos, and lessons. I love the webinars. Teachers and librarians can register for free webinars to learn the Gale databases, their new features and how other academics are using the tools in classroom instruction. I sign up regularly for these.

About the Author

Lori Warren serves as the Coordinator of Marketing and Outreach for the Chattanooga State Community College Library. As the Coordinator of Library Marketing and Outreach, she creates, coordinates and manages the library’s marketing and outreach efforts in support of the college’s programs and the library’s services and mission. As the subject librarian for Education Majors and the acting librarian for the two high schools on campus, she teaches research and library skills using TEL and Gale resources.


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