New Women’s Studies Archive, Voice and Vision, Makes Women’s Voices Heard

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| By Gale Staff |

Launched in 2017, the first module in the Women’s Studies Archive series—Women’s Issues and Identities—is comprised of an archival collection concerning women’s history from a wide range of sources available online. Today, the second installment—Voice and Vision—launches, containing primary sources beneficial to researchers currently working in women’s history and gender studies.

Rachel Holt, Gale Primary Sources acquisitions editor, spoke to scholars and academics researching and teaching in these fields to ascertain what they currently use and what else they sought greater access to. In her research, she discovered the need for primary sources that address three important requirements:

  • More literature penned by women (especially periodicals)
  • Better representation of women from around the world (particularly minority groups)
  • Coverage of topics beyond the fight for women’s suffrage

As scholars seek to diversify the perspectives from which history is commonly told, Voice and Vision brings awareness of and recognition to the accomplishments of women. The archive features collections focused solely on female authors as well as magazines and journals created by women. Researchers now have access to periodicals written, illustrated, and published by women, representing their work, causes, concerns, and voices—largely unavailable until now.

Read the press release on this new archive to learn more and view the 15 collections from world-renowned libraries.

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