Now Offering: Library Analytics with Free Tableau Output

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With demographic data on who is and who isn’t using your library, you can develop programming and collections to better target populations and allocate resources more efficiently—maintaining your library’s prominent status in the community.

An innovative new feature, available with the Analytics On Demand dashboard, provides users with a file that can be easily shared with members inside of their library organization using the free version of Tableau Reader.

Transform patron data and drill down into its visuals; reposition maps indicating patron households, target certain demographics, and download custom mailing lists based on your selections.

The Analytics On Demand dashboard can take you to the next level—helping you measure results and prove your library’s value to stakeholders.

Already an Analytics On Demand dashboard user? Simply download Tableau Reader here, export the “Tableau Packaged Workbook” file (available in the Dashboard Output Creator app), and open the file. If you have any questions about this update, or the dashboard, reach out to your Gale Customer Success manager.

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