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Posted on February 19, 2016

by Kristin Fust, Gale Product Manager, GVRL

Millennials are digital natives and undisputed power users of Google. However, with Google having over 50 million people using Google Apps for Education, it looks like it’s not just millennials using Google tools.

Google is a comfortable, highly used pathway in the daily routine of many. As a Google for Education Partner, Gale incorporates the most current and popular Google tools to help users organize and manage their content. Using Google Account credentials, users can access Google tools like Drive and Docs to share, save, and download content from within Gale products such as GVRL.

With the Gale-Google integration, GVRL eBooks can be better integrated into user workflows by expanding access and enhancing resources for library users thus making it easier to find and use relevant, authoritative information.

The relationship with Google for Education has three immediate benefits for users that will simplify their access to the GVRL content you provide your patrons:

  • Seamless user login allows users to sign in with their Google Account credentials (including Gmail) to access Google Apps for Education tools, after authentication to GVRL.
  • Integrated Google tools such as Drive and Docs makes it easy for users to share and download articles.
  • Gale eBook (GVRL) Chrome app enables users to quickly access eBooks on the GVRL platform from their tablets, mobile devices, or PCs.

Integration Begins Here
With full integration into Google, your library users can now:

  • Save individual articles or multiple articles to their Google Drive. No more emailing files to themselves or storing articles on a local or portable drive. This saves time and allows users to quickly group information and transfer articles to access later.
  • Find all saved articles in a Drive folder that is automatically created and named “Gale Virtual Reference Library,” so they know exactly where to find the content.
  • Transfer document highlights, notes, and even translation, if they have used these tools within GVRL.

Optimized for Search and Discovery
The award-winning GVRL platform is popular for providing HTML and PDF formats, enabling powerful cross-searches, and offering tools that translate, read aloud, highlight, annotate, cite, and print. But that’s not all; learn more about how GVRL is optimized for research.

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