Pro Tip for Supporting Your Students’ Reading Skills at Home

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| Vicki Gordon, education sales consultant, striving reader, Thorndike Press |

Large print for the win

Among all the skills students need to succeed in school and in life, reading is the most essential and has the potential to be the most enriching. During this learn-at-home time, teachers encourage parents to support and promote their students to read with daily reading time.

With parents playing a larger-than-ever role in overseeing their students’ schooling, parents can benefit from proven insights from professional educators. School librarians know a simple and effective tool to use to improve literacy: Large print books help students by improving comprehension and increasing confidence. School libraries carry many large print titles to encourage reading skill improvement. A few facts:

  • Large print books (featuring 16-point type) help readers decode words better, making it a great way to support readers of all levels—learning, striving, reluctant, or avid.
  • Large print helps readers become more confident and puts them on the path to becoming strong independent readers.
  • Thanks to careful applied formatting and high-opacity paper, Thorndike Press large print books are similar in size to the standard edition and no heavier to hold. They’re also produced with the same cover art as the original edition.

Compared to other reading experiences, nearly 60 percent of students surveyed in grades 6‒8 report they are better able to focus and do not lose their place when reading large print. In fact, one middle school noted an increase in Lexile reading levels 2‒3 times the average recommended growth simply by introducing large print books to readers. Learn more about this Project Tomorrow study >>

If you’d like to supplement your students’ reading materials and ensure that they don’t fall behind during this COVID-19 educational pause, visit to browse hundreds of titles available and enjoy the same ease of ordering as your other Amazon purchases.

Meet the Author

Vicki has been supporting the large print format with Thorndike Press for over 20 years. She especially enjoys her trade show interactions, where she can share how to inspire young readers. As the mother of two and grandmother of three, her favorite family activities include making maple syrup and apple cider.

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