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Introducing Gale Presents: Peterson’s Test Prep

In early fall, Testing and Education Reference Center will have a new name, Gale Presents: Peterson’s Test Prep, to tie in the partnership of Gale and Peterson’s—two trusted brands in the field of education and learning.

Like Testing and Education Reference Center, Gale Presents: Peterson’s Test Prep contains test prep; college planning; financial aid tools; international tools, including U.S. citizen tests, and career development tools, such as the VisualCV Resume Creator and Virtual Career Library, to assist users in the career development process. A homepage redesign will make these features more pronounced to users.

Inherent in this is our understanding of how important it is to get library users directly to the content they need. With persistent URLs, you can easily direct them through web menus, LibGuides, programming materials, social media, etc.

Notable Upgrades

If your library offers Testing and Education Reference Center, you may have read about the recent enhancements we’ve made over the past few months—the latest of which was a migration to a new, streamlined testing environment that helps users gain a better sense of their progress through an exam. Prior to that, the résumé tool was updated to VisualCV Resume Creator, which provides various editing options, including a text-based form editor, a visual editor, and the ability to upload existing résumés. Learn more about the platform upgrades.

Stand-alone or Combined Products

Along with Gale Presents: Peterson’s Test Prep, we also offer Gale Presents: Peterson’s Career Prep as a stand-alone or combined product. This database dives deeper into career paths through the PathwayU Career Assessment tool. Want both? Gale Presents: Peterson’s Test and Career Prep combines both products to offer a robust user experience.

What Does This Mean for Your Library?

If you currently offer Testing and Education Reference Center, rest assured that your product URLs won’t change, but you’ll want to update your website with the new product name by late September. Why not take this opportunity to also promote the product? We’ll email marketing materials to help customers with this transition soon.  

If you have any questions, please contact your customer success manager.

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