Scores Come to Chattanooga Public Library to Study Library Innovation

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Nationwide, libraries are losing funding, information is streamed into private homes, and increasingly, libraries are becoming static places. Chattanooga, however, is at the forefront of overcoming those challenges. In mid-November, more than 100 library directors and administrators from all over the U.S. kicked off an annual two-day summit hosted by the Library Journal—a gathering whose goal it was to share ideas about how libraries can stay relevant.

The Chattanooga Public Library has renovated its children’s center and built a creative lab that houses computers and a 3D printer and hosts tech-savvy groups. Mayor Andy Berke addressed the crowd of attendees, remarking that the library is a key part of the community and pledged his full support, saying “We are taking what libraries have been in the past and transforming them into the modern day.”

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