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Celebrate National School Librarian Day

| By Gale Staff |

The school library is a magical place. It’s a space filled with stories and books with colorful illustrations and has the ability to transport you—take you to places you’ve never been before. As students age, the school library becomes a resource, whether for researching a class assignment, seeking a quiet place to study, or taking advantage of the free computers. School libraries are stocked with our favorite characters and new ideas. It’s a place for exploration and creativity. And none of this would be possible without your school librarian.

April 4 is National School Librarian Day. While we can take a moment to thank our school librarians any day of the year, this is a holiday to celebrate them. School librarians curate a collection of books and digital resources for students to learn from and enjoy. Their work shapes children into book lovers and helps prepare teens for college. School librarians keep the library organized and functioning, making sure young patrons can always find what they need. The long-lasting value of their work really can’t be quantified!

Ways to Celebrate Your School Librarian in Your Classroom

We’ve collected some fun ideas to raise awareness for and recognize your local school librarian. Take a look and encourage your students to send love to your school librarian this April!

1. Share What School Librarians Do with Your Students

You know school librarians are fundamental to the school’s success through and through, but do your students? Get the conversation started by sharing all the things they do to ensure the success of your students!

2. Make a Thank-You Card

Teachers can bring a poster board into class and have their students create a colorful and personalized thank-you card for the school librarian. Have fun with it! Encourage students to write an individual message in the card that conveys why they love the school library and illustrate scenes or characters from their favorite books.

3. Donate

Donations to the library don’t have to be in the form of money (though that’s helpful, too). Consider if you have any books or cool resources that you think might be better appreciated at the library. Make sure your donations are in good condition. You might also volunteer your free time. Ask your school librarian if they need help. Perhaps you can shelve books or decorate the space.

4. Take a Selfie

If your school librarian is okay with it, take a selfie with him or her. You can share your appreciation for their hard work on your personal or your school district’s social media pages using #SchoolLibrarianDay!

5. Host a Book Talk

Librarians love making recommendations, and they love hearing about their patrons’ favorite books as well. Ask your class to bring in a copy of their favorite book (or simply check them out of the school library). Then, invite your school librarian to your classroom or take a field trip to the library, so everyone can share their favorite title and give a summary of the story. Your book talk will no doubt inspire your students to pursue new books to read.

6. Invite an Author to Your School

Ask your librarian if you can host an event at the school library and invite a local author or illustrator to speak in person (or through Zoom). Your school librarian may even have some ideas as to whom you could invite. Author visits help get kids excited about reading, which is exactly what your school librarian hopes to accomplish every day.

Don’t forget to wish your school librarian a great day this April 4! For more information and helpful tips, you can visit the National School Librarian Day holiday page.

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