Support local small businesses…and watch them grow!

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By Kim Martin

Resources for the Small Business OwnerJorge, a skilled cook and heir to his parents’ restaurant business, has been watching the fast rise of the food truck business. The time and circumstances seem right for him to expand his business by putting a truck on the road. But he wonders…has the trend already peaked? Is this the right idea to pursue?

Jorge and other small business owners in your community are looking for information that can help them understand market conditions, develop business plans, and make informed decisions to succeed. You can provide them with easy-to-use electronic resources that give them instant access to the same resources that Fortune 500 and other successful businesses use.

Be part of your community’s economic growth by providing entrepreneurs the support, information, and planning tools they need to thrive—including online courses, electronic database resources, and eBooks:

  •  Gale Courses— More than 90 instructor-led, online courses tied directly to business topics offer something for all small business owners. From gaining control of finances to website development, entrepreneurs gain convenient, engaging support for their business goals.
  • DemograhicsNow– Instant access to demographics, business, and residential data. New feature coming soon allows users to upload their customer data, blend it with rich consumer information for valuable analysis of their target market. Jorge can load his current customer data, see their locations on  a map, and determine the best spots to park his food truck!  Learn More.
  • Business Insights: Essentials— An easy-to-use interface giving access to in-depth information about U.S. and international business, industries, and products.
  • Small Business Resource Center— A comprehensive database covering all aspects of starting and operating a business.
  • Gale Directory Library— More than 50 trusted directories on companies, publishers, associations, and more.
  • Gale LegalForms– Authentic, professional legal documents including state specific forms for businesses, related to real estate, planning, and more.
  • GVRL titles— Award-winning eBooks that support skill development in finance, economics, branding, marketing, investment, global business, management, and more, available 24/7.

Learn about all our resources for The Small Business Owner.

Contact your Gale representative or call 1-800-877-GALE to request a quote or free trial today.


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Kim loves to entertain. She is an avid fan of pro and college sports and her two athletes and college-aged filmmaker. She holds an MBA from Cleary University and a BA from Old Dominion University.

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