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| By Gale Staff |

Where do you turn when you’re struggling? For students in schools today, the answer isn’t always simple.

One in five teens in the United States suffer from mental health challenges. But according to the Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation, more than 75% don’t seek help.1

That’s one of the reasons Heather Hayes, an executive education consultant with Gale, is passionate about social and emotional learning (SEL) resources—like Cameron’s Collection and Cameron’s Camp for Wellness, sets of eBooks that give students access to and support from age-appropriate information about mental health and wellness topics. As a former teacher, Heather believes that teaching the whole child, and going beyond academics alone, is the key to helping each child find their unique path to success.

To explain how educators are accomplishing this, Heather sat down with Dr. Steven Miletto, creator of the Teaching Learning Leading K12 podcast. Heather emphasized the ongoing importance of mental health resources like Cameron’s Collection, not just during the pandemic, but every single day.

“[Thinking about the pandemic,] I compare it to when you run a marathon,” Heather explained. “In the moment, you need more water and hydration to keep going. That doesn’t mean you didn’t need it all along, but in that moment, you need more intense hydration. Our students need that heightened awareness now.”

According to Heather, supporting students’ mental health and wellness with 24/7 online access is nonnegotiable. It’s not possible to predict exactly when a student might need mental health support, and if that need arises at 10 PM, when the student is at home and searching for answers, these resources give them access to trustworthy sources that can provide a lifeline and put them on a path to finding help.

As Heather put it: “Knowledge is powerful, but knowledge is also hopeful.”

Listen to the full podcast and discover how Cameron’s Collection and Cameron’s Camp for Wellness on Gale eBooks are equipping educators and making an impact in students’ lives.

Interested in supporting the students at your school with these powerful resources? Reach out to an education consultant today.

1. Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation website, accessed October 23, 2021.
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