Celebrating Indigenous Peoples’ Day

| By Gale Staff | President Joe Biden commemorated Indigenous Peoples’ Day, which is a day to honor America’s original inhabitants and the tribal nations, on October 11, 2021. This date doesn’t mark the first time the holiday was celebrated—just the first time a U.S. president formally recognized it. The genesis for a day that … Read more

Product Update: Gale Literature Improves Access

| By Gale Staff | It just got easier to access all of your literature resources from Gale. As libraries look to streamline access to resources, an increasing number of institutions are utilizing the Gale Literature cross-search as a primary access point for all of their literature content from Gale. While the majority of Gale … Read more

Open Web Entry Paves the Way for Increased Discoverability

| By Gale Staff | Traditionally, to access Gale products, users first need to log in or otherwise be recognized by a subscribing institution or library. This is known as authentication. Think of authentication as a front door. It’s the beginning of the experience, and you can’t see or know anything about the product without … Read more