Product Update: Gale Literature Improves Access

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| By Gale Staff |

It just got easier to access all of your literature resources from Gale.

As libraries look to streamline access to resources, an increasing number of institutions are utilizing the Gale Literature cross-search as a primary access point for all of their literature content from Gale. While the majority of Gale Literature resources have always been included in the cross-search, two resources that meet distinctive research needs have not. Starting today, researchers can access these resources—Gale Books and Authors and Gale Literature: Book Review Index—from the home page of the Gale Literature cross-search, providing a single access point for all Gale Literature resources.

In addition, to facilitate research that goes beyond the study of original works of literature, biocritical research, and literary criticism, key Gale Primary Sources products are now accessible from the Gale Literature home page, including Eighteenth Century Collections Online, The Times Digital Archive, American Fiction, and The Times Literary Supplement. This new access point enables researchers to seamlessly access content owned by their institution and expand their scope of literary research. We’re excited to include direct access points between Gale Literature and Gale Primary Sources. Stay tuned in the coming months as we look to expand these access points to meet the needs of researchers.

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