Two Worlds Collide: Combining the Power of Gale In Context: Elementary and National Geographic Kids

| By Anthony Boussie| Engaging young learners can be challenging. Educators and librarians are looking for age-appropriate content that fits into the curriculum and is easy to share. Parents expect educational experiences tailored to their children’s unique needs. And kids just want to have fun while they’re learning! It’s a big job, so we’re bringing … Read more

Gale Presents: National Geographic Virtual Library Gets a New Look This Summer!

| By Gale Staff | We’re thrilled to announce that Gale will release an enhanced user experience for the Gale Presents: National Geographic Virtual Library, including Gale Presents: National Geographic Kids, this summer. At that time, we’ll retire the current National Geographic Virtual Library experience. Links will seamlessly redirect to the new interface, which will … Read more