Two Worlds Collide: Combining the Power of Gale In Context: Elementary and National Geographic Kids

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| By Anthony Boussie|

Engaging young learners can be challenging. Educators and librarians are looking for age-appropriate content that fits into the curriculum and is easy to share. Parents expect educational experiences tailored to their children’s unique needs. And kids just want to have fun while they’re learning!

It’s a big job, so we’re bringing two powerful resources together. As of this week, Gale Presents: National Geographic Kids content will be integrated into Gale In Context: Elementary. Elementary educators and librarians are already superheroes in our eyes—but imagine what they’ll be able to do when they have both of these resources in one place.

What You Need to Know About Our Newest Integration

Gale Presents: National Geographic Kids content can now be found within the Gale In Context: Elementary platform. This means greater accessibility to premier content, a better user experience, and more opportunities for teaching and learning. Elementary-aged kids will love discovering miles upon miles of colorful, engaging content from National Geographic while being introduced to proper research skills.  

So, why are two better than one? Gale In Context: Elementary has been celebrated for its award-winning design, which provides a better, more targeted experience for young learners. Plus, it allows access to your library or school’s Gale eBooks, offers prompts for fun “I Wonder…” questions, provides easy-to-navigate topic trees, and more. Gale Presents: National Geographic Kids is a widely-popular and well-loved teaching tool. Known for its immersive material, including magazines, videos, pictures, and books, National Geographic Kids pulls young learners in. We all know that a busy kid is a happy kid, and that was our goal when developing this integration.

What does this mean for usage? If kids and educators have access to Gale Presents: National Geographic Kids through Gale In Context: Elementary, they’ll be more likely to find and use National Geographic Kids because they’ll have an all-in-one experience. More content means more time for exploring and learning.

Will this improve learning opportunities for diverse learners? Absolutely! Gale understands the importance of making sure learning is for everyone. That’s why we offer on-demand article translation into 50 languages and ReadSpeaker text-to-speech technology in over 20 languages. That way, every learner in your school or community can engage with our dynamic content, regardless of their native language.

All students and educators can also navigate Elementary seamlessly with accessibility features for keyboard-only users, screen reader users, users with low vision, users with color blindness, and hearing-impaired users. 

Now that you know a little more about this new product integration, it’s time to see it for yourself!

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to support young learners with engaging and trusted digital content. Request a demo of Gale In Context: Elementary and Gale Presents: National Geographic Kids and begin your next learning adventure today.

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Anthony Boussie has been with Gale for over 20 years and works as an associate product manager on Gale’s domestic learning team. He enjoys watching a sci-fi or horror movie to unwind after a long day of supporting K-12 learners and teachers.

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