Winds of Change

By Cindy M.  I was a non traditional student returning to school for a master’s degree. I was confronted at every turn with the integration of technology into the education system. (High school math for me meant slide rules not calculators). One of my neighbors happened to be the head of the library at the … Read more

Libraries and Life-Long Learning

By Diane G. 

I’ve loved libraries for as long as I can remember. I learned to read at a very early age (my mom still wonders if I taught myself!), and I don’t think my parents’ bank account could have kept up with how fast I went through books. I know they were thankful for the library just around the corner. New books, story-telling groups, book clubs and summer reading challenges; all are some of my favorite childhood memories.

And could I have made it through high school and college without great libraries, and librarians? It would have been a lot tougher…

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Dad Knows Something

By Scott H.  I have turned my daughter on to how valuable a resource our local library can be. The ability of Hamilton County Public Libraries to move materials to our local branch in a timely fashion has saved my daughter time and money. Now for school assignments, the latest CDs, even cook books my … Read more

A Summer Tradition

By Leah W. After school let out and summer was in swing my mom took me and my sister and brother to the library weekly. She knew how important it was to keep learning, reading, and engaging with new concepts even during summer break. That summer tradition had such an impact on me. I feel … Read more