Five Acclaimed Titles for the New Year

While January can find folks counting calories, there’s no need to curb readers’ appetites for big servings of tempting titles. Our January large print picks are five delicious tales that explore maternal ties, intriguing lives, and “what if” scenarios. From a “love letter to mothers and grandmothers” (Fight Night) to an “homage to horror and … Read more

Not Your Mother’s Large Print

By Mary Kelly

Back in olden times, large print was hardly full of current best sellers.  When I was growing up, large print materials were relegated to one of the dustier corners of the library complete and with the occasional old person looking for something. It was a small collection and to be honest, kind of crappy looking. There was no real cover art and the selection seemed to be only romance. This is what I remember as a youngster. Well now I am one of the “old people” and we aren’t going to do that anymore.  I can only imagine that many people my age remember this as well.  

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