The Library: Reliable Friend, Faithful Tutor, Quiet Refuge

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By Diana S. 

As an adolescent, I moved and changed schools frequently. New schools presented so many challenges. Apart from the obvious social matters, there were almost always gaps and differences in curriculum that had me asking “am I ever going to catch up?” With each new move, I made sure that I quickly found the local library. It was the only place to find unbiased help that closed the gaps in learning spaces while providing all the tools that I needed to cope with school. The library also offered a wealth of local information and I relied on the library to have up-to-date tools, and knowledgeable people. Libraries drew me to a life-long love affair with reading (which facilitated learning in the most unfamiliar situations). With moving comes chaos – and plenty of it. But, as soon as I stepped through the doors of the library, the absence of chaos became the state of salvation. Beyond studying and academics, I came to the library to expand my interests and learn more about the things I loved in the serenity that only a library can provide.
As an adult, I watched my children grow to have the same appreciation for the library. It was, and is, a quiet place to study, a fun place to learn. And they are doing the same with their children (…perhaps having a greater appreciation for the ‘quiet place’ now that they are parents.) I am eternally grateful for the legacy of the library and the depth of assets it continues to fashion

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