TLA Diary: Day 2

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Passion…Texas Style!

Gale is passionate about libraries and the resources that we are able to provide. We are passionate about student engagement. We are passionate about the partnership with the Texas State Library and Archives Commission. We are passionate about all our friends tweeting and sharing. Come share your passion and excitement with us at TLA this week.

We are giving away a Texas-themed Gale Passion Shirt to anyone who attends a theatre presentation or product demonstration (you can find us at booth #1023). The Gale folks are sporting their passions and are encouraging others to share their passions as well. Wear your shirts in the conference hall on Friday and you might win a Starbucks gift card or a crisp $50 bill.

TLA Day 2

TLA Diary: Day 1 


Kay Stefanski

Kay Stefanski
Marketing Director

Kay loves to travel and is passionate about The Arts. She holds an English literature degree and an M.F.A. in textiles. Currently she is an urban pioneer with her husband living in downtown Detroit.


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