TLA Diary: Day 3

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The Top Questions Asked in the Gale Booth at TLA 2014

A Texas-sized list of resources are now available to every public school in the state of Texas! It was big news at the TLA conference, no doubt. Below are some of the burning questions visitors to our booth asked while talking to our representatives or listening to one of our presentations.

When does the program start?
You will begin having access to the online products starting June 15th

How will I get training or if I have questions, where do I go?
Visit the website at to learn more about how to get training in these products

What if I already have some of the products that are part of the Texas package?
Contact your sales representative to learn the specifics as it relates to your account.

What ebooks are part of the package
There are 25 ebooks included in the program. Visit for more information.

TLA Celebration Party

Gale hosted a celebration party at a Big location in San Antonio – Biga’s on the Banks! Nestled along the San Antonio River guests were treated to an evening of Mexican fare and conversation. Beautiful night, excited Texas librarians – great fun for all! It was a great way to “kick off our boots” and enjoy some “chow” in old San Antone!

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