Worldmark Titles: “Very Useful” and “Recommended” Resources

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Looking to provide a deeper insight into essential topics to assist learners’ understandings? With Worldmark titles, you can provide users with “effective, very useful” resources “most appropriate for school and academic libraries.”  Integrated on the GVRL platform, researchers gain access to a search-optimized platform that gives users simultaneous access to a hassle-free eBook experience—anytime, anywhere, from any device.

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Worldmark Global Business and Economy Issues

“International business knowledge is growing with importance as globalization continues to make the world a smaller place. Worldmark Global Business and Economy Issues covers a wide range of relevant topics that include marketing, human resource management, finance/accounting, and development economics. Intended to reach the needs of students focusing on global studies, this collection provides users with an in-depth look at issues surrounding international business. . . . One of the more unique aspects of this collection is the inclusion of primary source information shared by way of subheadings in the main chapters. There is a Using Primary Sources section in volume one that discusses how and why to use primary sources. These additions help provide context and history for the reader. A glossary of terms is located in the beginning of each volume and both sections have a Chronology of Events, which are very useful for a newcomer to international business. These sections help put historical and current development into perspective. Worldmark Global Business and Economy Issues is an effective text for teaching relevant international business issues. It covers topics that affect consumers and business owners worldwide, and provides context for readers to analyze, understand, and apply important topics in the discipline. It can be used in the classroom or as a resource text. This set is a valuable addition to any academic or business-oriented library”

–American Reference Books Annual, January, 2016


Worldmark Global Health and Medicine Issues

“With the speed of modern travel and the global connections of commerce and industry, health issues quickly become international. This new encyclopedia does an excellent job of placing health and medical problems within social, political, and economic contexts. Using primary source documents, photographs, charts, and graphs to supplement the text, the book provides a brief but comprehensive overview of 90 topics affecting world health. The signed articles are arranged alphabetically. . . . With coverage of topics such as antibiotic resistance, genital modification, and health in the various World Health Organization regions, Worldmark Global Health and Medicine Issues will be a very useful resource for academic, school, and public libraries. Students and general readers seeking information and background for reports or greater understanding of what they read in the daily news will find it here.”

–Booklist, May, 2016

“The target audience for this source would include high school and undergraduate students seeking an introduction to global health topics. Entries are four to six pages in length and are arranged alphabetically. . . . Worldmark Global Health and Medicine Issues offers an introductory academic overview to global health and medical issues that broadly incorporates social, economic, political, and ethical issues as well. Most appropriate for school and academic libraries that field global health questions or teach global health courses.”

–American Reference Books Annual, June, 2016


Worldmark Encyclopedia of the States, 8th ed.

” . . . this set is more than just an almanac of ready reference facts. This set also provides information on a range of topics from Mining to Securities, Health to Social Welfare, from Press to Tourism. Each entry also contains its own bibliography, a hallmark of all encyclopedias published by Gale/Cengage. Most helpful, though, is the way both the print and online versions are arranged within each entry. Each entry has the same 50 subheadings, always arranged in the same order. These subheadings have a small number next to them so that patrons can quickly skim multiple entries for the same subject. As an example, number 43 always refers to Libraries and Museums and so readers can quickly find just that specific information. A compact two volumes in print, this set is a good addition to any undergraduate, community college, and public library reference collection, providing a lot of information but not taking up too much shelf space. Overall, whether in print or online, the Worldmark Encyclopedia of the States is useful for ready reference and for readers at the beginning of their research”

–American Reference Books Annual, June, 2016

“The latest edition of this encyclopedia contains overviews about each state in the United States, Puerto Rico, the District of Columbia, and U.S. Trust Territories (in both the Caribbean and Pacific). . . . This reference work will be useful in both the classroom and library for information and reports about the states. Recommended”

–School Library Connection, October, 2016

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