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By Gale Customer Care

It’s always fun to find and share obscure holidays. You never really know what you could be celebrating before you do a little research. And what better place to research than the library!

We encourage you to have a little fun with some lesser known holidays in month of May and give a sneak peek of eResources while you’re at it.

We’ve got equal parts National Geographic Virtual Library and Artemis Literary Sources to post on social media or share in your newsletter. Please feel free to pick and choose and use the images and copy provided below… or use it as inspiration. Show your followers what you have to offer in your digital collections and tell them how to access.

May 1: Mother Goose Day

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Celebrate by reading “A Genealogy of Mother Goose” from Gale Artemis Literary Sources. http://bit.ly/1JqvJzJ


May 4: Star Wars Day

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We traced Luke Skywalker back to Tunisia in Gale Artemis Literary Sources. See what we uncovered from All Things Considered. http://bit.ly/1aM4SCP


 May 4:  Bird Day

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Today is Bird Day! Puffins are known as the little friars of the Arctic because no one knows how many of them there really are! Learn this and more in National Geographic Virtual Library. <include your link to access NGVL>


May 6: National Tourist Appreciation Day

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There are over 130 titles in National Geographic Virtual Library devoted to travelling and touring the world. Plan your dream vacation or be a virtual tourist today! <include your link to access NGVL>


May 12: Limerick Day

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Today is Limerick Day. Address the controversy of this sonnet in a piece of lit crit from Gale Artemis Literary Sources.  http://bit.ly/1NcfcVP


May 25: National Tap Dance Day

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Happy National Tap Dance Day! We did some research in National Geographic Virtual Library and found Michael Flatley is the world’s fastest tap dancer at 28 taps a second. See what you can uncover! <include your link to access NGVL>


May 31: Walt Whitman’s Birthday

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In honor of Walt Whitman’s birth, we used topic finder in Gale Artemis Literary Sources to uncover materials on his best works. You can use this feature to explore literary criticisms any day of the month! <include your link to access Artemis>


May 31: World No to Tobacco Day

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Today is World No to Tobacco Day, and boy have views changed since a 1932 ad stating “I’m glad you smoke a pipe.” Take a look back at history with National Geographic Virtual Library’s 150+ old tobacco ads. <include your link to access NGVL>


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