Getting to Know U: Naomi

By Melissa Rayner

Before you turn to your closest colleague and whisper, “Hey, Bethany, either Gale forgot how to spell or is about 5 years behind the times when it comes to cutesy text speak,” let us explain ourselves.

While we’re always striving to better understand our customers, this isn’t about getting to know YOU. It’s about helping you understand U—Gale U, that is. And Gale U is about helping you better understand and meet the needs of your library’s users.

Still not making much sense? Allow me to break it down…

Gale U is our answer to an evolving academic landscape. It’s our way of putting real names, faces, and stories to the kinds of people who frequent the library, explaining their needs and challenges, and providing creative solutions.

And this post marks the first in a new weekly blog series that will introduce the people of Gale U one at a time. We believe there’s no better place to start than with Naomi, our resident Undergraduate Services Librarian.

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New Titles Added to the InfoTrac Collections in June and July 2014

The titles below have been recently added and can be located in the product using Basic or Advanced Search forms. Titles can be found via Browse Publications within two weeks. For complete coverage information please see the product title lists.

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