How to Observe Native American Heritage Month Year Round

| By Gale Staff | Each November, Native American Heritage Month celebrates the rich histories and diverse cultures of Indigenous people and communities. This year, consider how you and your students can honor and celebrate the traditions and contributions of Native Americans and Native Alaskans in a meaningful, long-lasting way. There are many ways that you … Read more

Biography/Genealogy Resource Expands Native American Content

| By Tara Atterberry | In honor of National Native American Heritage Month, Gale’s Biography and Genealogy Master Index has expanded coverage of Native Americans from the late 1500s through the present day in an effort to highlight groups that have been underrepresented and often marginalized in traditional reference content. Biography and Genealogy Master Index’s … Read more

How to Teach Students About Renewable Energy

| By Gale Staff | What is renewable energy? Renewable energy is energy derived from natural sources that regenerate at a higher rate than people consume them. For example, sunlight and wind are renewable energy sources that are constantly being replenished naturally in the environment. Conversely, fossil fuels—like coal, oil, and gas—are non-renewable resources that … Read more

Celebrating Native American Heritage Day

| By Elizabeth Mohn | In the United States, people celebrate Native American heritage throughout the month of November, and the Friday after Thanksgiving is an important time for commemorating Native American heritage and history because it’s Native American Heritage Day. In 2009, President Barack Obama signed a resolution that had unanimous support in the … Read more

Hollywood Ten Cited for Contempt, November 24, 1947

| By J. Robert Parks | In the fall of 1947, various Hollywood artists, including actors, writers, directors, and producers, were subpoenaed by the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) to testify about the supposed communist influence in Hollywood. Ten of those, now known as the Hollywood Ten, refused to cooperate, claiming their First Amendment rights. … Read more

Explore Gothic Literature with Novels for Students

| By Sarah Robertson | Gothic literature is a genre that relies on dark, disturbing imagery; atmospheric settings; and unnerving plot points to induce discomfort in the reader. The genre has shown a remarkable persistence and ability to evolve since its inception in the nineteenth century, and it typically strives to unsettle the reader, often … Read more

New Literature Criticism Series Pages Allow Targeted Searching

| By Gale Staff | Recently a librarian from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte requested a way to directly access series within Gale Literature Criticism series. She wanted to point instructors to specific series that aligned with their courses. We were grateful she reached out because we thought this was a great idea! Each … Read more

Celebrating the Navajo Code Talkers

| By Elizabeth Mohn | Each November, Americans commemorate Native American history, culture, and contributions during Native American Heritage Month. This year, we would like to highlight the vital contributions of the Navajo code talkers. During World War II (1939–1945), this group of Navajo men helped the US military by creating a code based on … Read more