Celebrating Black Science Fiction Writers

|By Jennifer Stock| Science Fiction Day is January 2, 2023. This day marks the birth of famed science fiction writer Isaac Asimov and honors the history of the genre and its creators. Sci-fi is a rich genre dealing with science and technology and the effects of these advancements on human existence. Science fiction authors explore … Read more

The Bicentennial of Louis Pasteur’s Birth

|By J. Robert Parks| December 27 marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of Louis Pasteur. Pasteur’s contributions, especially in the fields of chemistry and microbiology, are foundational to modern science, and his developments in the areas of vaccines and immunology are particularly relevant today. Gale In Context: World History has a rich collection of … Read more

Expand Students’ Economic View into Emerging Markets

|By Gale Staff| How can you give students a better view of the global economy? Ensure they’re connected to resources that cover both mature and emerging markets around the world. The recently published second edition of the Encyclopedia of Emerging Markets provides profiles, maps, and macroeconomic data on the world’s currently identified emerging markets. What … Read more

Holiday Travel Plans? Prevent Winter Automotive Problems.

|By Chilton Staff| Winter’s snowy, wet, and windy weather plus cold temperatures put added stress on our vehicles. How can we protect our vehicle and those riding in it? Regular maintenance is key to preventing some of the most common automotive issues. In addition, check these items before travel to help save you from a … Read more

Tutankhamun Centenary 1922-2022: Celebrations & Investigations

| By Dr. Sarah Ketchley, Senior Digital Humanities Specialist | This November, I was fortunate to join the team of Dr. Donald P. Ryan’s Pacific Lutheran University Valley of the Kings project on the West Bank in Luxor, Egypt, whose focus during the 2022 dig season was tomb clearance and accessibility work. My visit coincided … Read more

Changes Coming Soon to Gale World Scholar: Latin America and the Caribbean

| By Gale Staff | Does your institution have access to Gale World Scholar: Latin America and the Caribbean? Upcoming changes to the platform will help organize available content and upgrade the user experience. Currently, Gale World Scholar: Latin America and the Caribbean is available in two parts—a digital archive that covers the historical primary … Read more