Gale In Context: Biography Highlights Black Americans

| By Carol Brennan | Every February, Black History Month gives us here at Gale a chance to look back at some of the incredible heroes who are featured in Gale In Context: Biography. There’s extensive coverage of major names from politics, the arts, science, sports, and social-justice causes—drawn from legacy Gale titles like Contemporary … Read more

Explore Assessments in Gale In Context: For Educators 

New enhancements are now available! | By Gale Staff | As your partner in education, we’re always working to improve our resources, optimizing them to meet the needs of schools, teachers, and students. That’s why we’re adding helpful enhancements to Gale In Context: For Educators that will make teaching and learning easier. Assigning content that … Read more

Celebrate Black History Month with Gale In Context: Biography

| By Gale Staff | Historians credit scholar and activist Carter G. Woodson for creating the foundation for Black History Month, and the United States has celebrated the holiday every year since 1976. Black History Month was founded to honor the achievements of African Americans. Highlighting these individuals helps young African Americans learn about and … Read more

Learning about Immigration and Ellis Island

| By Elizabeth Mohn | Political leaders, media personalities, and everyday Americans often designate the United States as a “nation of immigrants” because of the country’s long history of immigration, which has resulted in a multicultural and multiethnic country. Because immigration to the United States is a broad topic, teachers can help students learn by … Read more

Going to LibLearnX? Don’t Miss This Session

| By Gale Staff | Is your library prioritizing adult education? Join our panel presentation of library leaders as they discuss the most crucial challenges and gaps that libraries face in supporting adult learning. They’ll share how they evaluate adult learning resources and programs to ensure library offerings are addressing and serving patrons in ways … Read more