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Posted on April, 22 2016

By: Reggie Brown


Gale, a part of Cengage Learning, launched Archives of Human Sexuality and Identity in February 2016. Since its debut, this historical, groundbreaking archive has graced many headlines and been featured in various publications geared toward the LGBTQ community.  We’ve highlighted some snippets for you to get a feel for the impact the collection has made so far!


Bryan Lowder, an associate editor at Slate Magazine, attended the archive’s launch event in New York then wrote about the “Powerful new digital LGBTQ history archive.” He describes importance of individuals having access to this content through local and university library subscriptions—recollecting his own, less-than-favorable experience doing research without the online archive at a library.



The Advocate Magazine called the archive “A Treasure Trove of Queer History.” The publication dives into Archives of Human Sexuality and Identity’s vast history and the various types of content and media within in the collection.  For instance, the Advocate asked its readers, “Want to read a gay meeting agenda from 1951?”, or how about “A lesbian periodical form the ‘70s?” then highlights their ability to do just that.


The archive’s latest appearance is in Curve Magazine, “A Collection of LGBTQ History.” Curve highlights the current content in the collection through examples of historical materials as well as some future content like government documents, manuscripts, and other important individuals in the LGBTQ community.



Gale is very proud of Archives of Human Sexuality and Identity’s growing popularity and the importance this archive serves to the community and researchers. Paul Gazzolo, senior vice president and general manager at Gale, said it best, “This archive demonstrates the unique content that only Gale is bringing to researchers—it shines a light on the important personal stories that provide a more complete picture of our history…by providing access to this information, we hope that it promotes greater understanding, tolerance and appreciation for individual rights.”

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