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By Tara Blair

Most professionals discover a few tips and tricks during their career that allows them to complete a job with ease and quickens their work flow. At Gale, we’re no different. We have a few tricks up our sleeves, and thought why not share a couple of our favorites with our readers? Although we use a handful of media and imagery applications on a daily basis, we chose two of our favorites to share with you today. Without further ado, I introduce Canva and Word Swag. Two helpful applications that can be utilized in marketing (and everyday life).

My personal favorite, Word Swag, allows users to add text to photos in seconds. Creating beautiful, custom text layouts is easy with the “Exclusive Typomatic Engine” – a term appropriately coined to describe the one tap text layout modifier Word Swag is famous for. Color, size, and skew are a few more easily operated text options offered to make your caption pop. And just in case writer’s block gets the best of you, the app inspires creativity with hundreds of pre-designed quotes, thoughts, and jokes. Best of all, not only are there over 290,000  Pixabay background photos to choose from, but uploading personal photos right from your phone is also an option. Word Swag is an easy-to-use graphic designer app that makes marketing and advertising seem effortless, even on the go! Take a look below at some samples made by everyday users!

thebaseproject amongmany  LOY2016

richardlazarte  wordswagapp2  he_is_my_strength



You’d think Word Swag would be a hard act to follow, but Canva makes it look easy! Used to design presentations, social media graphics, cards, posters, collages, flyers, banners, and much more, Canva takes the gold. And it’s available for Android and iPhone users! It offers an effortless drag-and-drop feature with thousands of layouts to make any graphic design job pain free. Choose from millions of images, or upload your own, and personalize them with filters, icons & shapes, and hundreds of customizable fonts. With a resource like Canva in your back pocket, you can promote your library’s events, resources or services with ease.

Another awesome feature of Canva is the Design School, which offers helpful hints and tips such as: tutorials, teaching materials, and, even, design courses. Many of the designs Canva offers are entirely free, but some unique designs are available for purchase. It’s no surprise that 10.5 million people are using Canva. Check out some their free designs below!

Untitled design22 Untitled design33 Untitled design


try it

Now you know some of our top secret tricks, maybe you’ll notice a few Word Swag and Canva photos in our blogs and social media channels. Don’t put this information to waste, give these useful, easy-to-use apps a try for yourself!


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Tara is a current student at Eastern Michigan University and intern for Gale. In her (very rare) free time, she enjoys the finer things in life like relaxing and taking long walks on the beach. One day she hopes to graduate, move from intern to career, and enjoy not going to class for hours after work. Until then, she relishes writing blogs for all of Gale’s fine followers.

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