Examining eBook Usage Pre- and Post-COVID-19

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Gale Analytics: Tip of the Month

| By Lisa Novohatski, Analytics Consultant |

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused public libraries across the nation to make a very difficult decision—to close their doors. With this change, many libraries have seen a shift in usage from physical materials to online resources. Perhaps some patrons have even stopped using the library altogether.

Watch this data session to see how libraries can use Gale Analytics to examine changes in patron behavior by looking at eBook activity before and after a significant event, such as a library closure. This session will help libraries:

  • Gain insight into patron usage before and after the library closed.
  • Evaluate usage patterns by various groups (income, households with children, and market segments) based on before-and-after snapshots.
  • Determine who to target and how to develop an email marketing list for outreach.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions about the benefits of Gale Analytics or how other libraries are leveraging their data to gain insight about their community.

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