Exciting Updates to Miss Humblebee’s Academy Further Grow Learner’s Success

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| By Gale Staff |

Miss Humblebee’s Academy is unlike any other online preschool learning program available to libraries. It offers a fun, inviting, and safe environment with hundreds of online and offline activities to prepare children ages three to six for kindergarten proficiency. In fact, the offline curriculum accounts for 40 percent of the material, offering lessons, extension activities, printables, and practice worksheets to balance and minimize screen time.

Recently updated in September, Miss Humblebee’s Academy will benefit once more from the next set of enhancements available November 16, 2020. The addition of new content, interface enhancements, and improved user experience can help parents and caregivers meet the needs of their early learners, further empowering them in their journey toward school readiness. The new features include:

My Learning – Customized learning path, along with the Guided Learning and Choose a Lesson, empowers parents to select specific skills they want their child to focus on.

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Content – Collection of nearly 100 online classroom lessons and offline extension activities help children learn how to regulate their emotions, develop self-confidence, and more. Includes digital animations, real-life video modeling, songs, and eBooks for both online and offline opportunities.

Teacher-led Video Tutorials – Short video lessons delivered by teachers address key kindergarten readiness skills and concepts in all subject areas including SEL. 

New Areas to Explore – Added rooms to discover include About Me, Bee Fit (coming soon), and SEL. The Honeycomb Shop and Puzzles are now located in the Math Room. The student’s Avatar, Progress Reports, and Rewards can be found in the About Me Room, and Sticker play is located in the Art & Music Room. 

Improved Primary Navigation – Optimized classroom navigation supports new learning paths, content, and subject-specific navigation.

Interface Expansion – Full-screen expansion of the classroom experience to support the user experience on desktop and mobile devices.

Interactive Kindergarten Readiness Checklist and Developmental Milestones – Kindergarten readiness and development milestone checklists will be available and storable in the dashboard.

Early learners stay engaged. Libraries and parents stay informed.

Miss Humblebee’s Academy presents learning concepts based on the U.S. Department of Education, Head Start Early Child Development, Common Core State Standards Initiative, research of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, and Early Learning Framework.

Importantly, both parents and libraries can measure success through learning outcomes. To ensure school readiness, Miss Humblebee’s Academy sends parents a weekly email notification to view progress and performance reports, which are available online at all times. Also, libraries get the tools and reports they need to measure the impact on early literacy development in their communities. As a public library, this is invaluable information!

Not yet a subscriber of Miss Humblebee’s Academy? Discover everything this powerful program can do for young learners. Request a trial today.

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