Five Star Titles Nominated for Laramie Book Awards

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| By Tiffany Schofield |

The Laramie Book Awards, a division of the Chanticleer International Book Awards, recognize emerging new talent and outstanding works in the Americana and western fiction genre. With the announcement of winners on April 9, 2022, we’re hopeful that our two nominated titles, Raid of Souls and Never Let Go, will solidify Five Star Publishing’s record of showing “how the west is won.”


Raid of Souls

Kalen Vaughan Johnson

In an escalating crusade, James MacLaren fights to unmask the syndicate bent on destruction of local mining towns. He is drawn into a treacherous battle of bribery, domination, and a scale of justice tilted decidedly against friends and neighbors. Distracted by the fate of the miners, James suffers the absence of his surrogate son, Justin, and loses sight of his daughter Charlotte’s objectionable romance. Justin lands in the path of conflict, and Charlotte’s headstrong ways trigger James’s contempt for the rich—pitting father against daughter. Casualties of gold and greed lie strewn across the landscape of San Francisco, Sacramento, and the mining towns of Sierra Nevada. Who survives the Raid of Souls?

Never Let Go

Pamela Nowak

Sacrificing dreams and risking family, five women follow their husbands to an isolated Minnesota settlement. Struggling to survive, they develop resilience, but none are prepared for the challenges they face when starving bands of Santee Sioux (Dakota) take up arms against the whites during the 1862 Dakota Conflict. Their stories reveal a common will that allowed them to hold on no matter what—and to never let go.

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