Literature Resource Center Grows by Over 800 New Content Pieces

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Lovers of literature, rejoice! In its continuing quest to be the most current, comprehensive, and reliable online literature source, Literature Resource Center has bulked up its content with over 800 new biographies, critical essays, reviews, and other offerings.

Want to learn more? Check out the full list of new content below, or visit the LRC’s official online catalog page.

More than 600 new and updated biographies from 4 volumes of Contemporary Authors and Contemporary Authors New Revisions:

  • Contemporary Authors (v. 350-351)
  • Contemporary Authors New Revisions (v. 266-267)

More than 200 selected critical essays and reviews from 10 new volumes of our Literature Criticism series:

  • Contemporary Literary Criticism (v. 356-357)
  • Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism (v. 295-296)
  • Nineteenth-Century Literature Criticism (v. 289)
  • Literature Criticism from 1400-1800 (v. 231)
  • Classical & Medieval Literature Criticism (v. 162)
  • Poetry Criticism (v. 153)
  • Short Story Criticism (v. 196)
  • Children’s Literature Review (v. 190)

More than 10 new work overviews from 1 new volume of the following For Students series:

  • Drama for Students (v. 31)

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