Libraries Forever……

By Nann T. 

Just because of the techy developments of today does not mean that libraries are to become irrelevant….look at History….Libraries have continued to exist for centuries due to their need….the need of people to research and to read, to collect and to write….their reflections of their lives, the events….The idea that libraries are to be diminished is ridiculous…like the microwave and the stove….Exist side by side, all of the collecting points that Man finds to be necessary.

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Sacred Space

By Cyn D. 

The building is still there, though it’s used as a “performance” space now, I believe. But the majestic marble and wood rotunda of the Main Library in downtown Chicago was a magic portal, a grand and sacred space. The huge rooms surrounding the rotunda offered not just books but movies, vinyl recordings of the jazz greats and classics of all genres, art work you could actually take home and place on your own walls…amazing treasures.

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Integrating Library Resources into the College Classroom

By Alice Eng

[alert-info]Recently, we issued a challenge to all those who planned to attend the Charleston Conference this November. Answer a question in 1,000 to 1,500 words, and when a travel scholarship to attend the 2014 conference. While, we received many thoughtful responses, our far-and-above favorite came from Alice Eng, Electronic Resources Librarian at the University of North Florida. This is her winning essay in response to our question:  “What is the best way for library resources to be integrated into the university or college curriculum, and how, in your opinion, could this be achieved?”[/alert-info]

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