Engaging Students in Conversations about Education 

| By Gale Staff | Public schools have been the primary source of learning for students in K–12 in the United States since the 1800s. In the U.S., taxpayers fund these schools, providing education to millions of children each year.  Public schools have helped countless students prepare themselves for careers or further education. They also … Read more

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Youth Sports

| By Gale Staff | Youth sports programs offer fertile ground for nurturing critical life skills: teamwork, persistence, and pride in one’s accomplishments. However, as teachers, we sometimes see drawbacks. For example, student-athletes may suffer from unrealistic expectations and real or perceived pressure from parents, peers, and coaches. Sports can also create barriers that exclude … Read more

Document Viewer Updates: Improve Discoveries in Gale Primary Sources

| By Gale Staff | With the digitization of historical documents, travel and special access are no longer required to view rare and unique archival material, giving researchers endless possibilities to make new discoveries. Now, researchers and learners have access to millions of pages of monographs, newspapers, and other primary sources from across the globe … Read more

New in Gale Literature Resource Center: Primary Sources & Historical Documents

| By Gale Staff | Twenty-some years ago, I gravitated to an English degree because I loved writing and reading, but it wasn’t until my first upper-level seminar that my abilities to analyze works of literature deepened. In the course, we were encouraged to make liberal use of historical documents to help our twentieth-century minds … Read more

Weighing the Pros and Cons of U.S. Foreign Aid

| By Gale Staff | With unobstructed access to international affairs tucked into our pockets, it’s nearly impossible for students to avoid a constant stream of troubling images. A scroll through social media means seeing apartment buildings in Ukraine reduced to rubble by Russian artillery, Gazan skylines left in ruins, and Taiwanese protestors marching for … Read more

The Cicadas Are Emerging!

| By Amy Hackney Blackwell | This May and June will see an entomological event that occurs only once every 221 years. Two broods of periodical cicadas are now digging their way out of their subterranean homes. One brood consists of cicadas that emerge every 17 years. The other is cicadas on a 13-year cycle. … Read more

Get Students Excited to Vote

| By Gale Staff | In many states, teenagers can register to vote before they turn 18—but there is no age limit for learning about the democratic process. Experts encourage early voter education. A 2020 study found that students who learned about the voting process in high school were “more likely to vote and participate … Read more

Gain an Early Edge in Lesson Planning

| By Gale Staff | Soon, schools will be closing for summer break. But in addition to pool parties and family vacations, that final bell signifies something else for K–12 teachers: time to begin creating lessons for the next school year. Before you submit your final grades and head for the pool, check out the … Read more