Access to Landmark U.S. Records and Briefs

| By Bennett Graff, Gale Acquisitions Editor | In recognition of the growing number of court cases requiring a decision for the burgeoning population of the United States, Congress set up the modern federal appellate court system with passage of the Judiciary Act in 1891. The Evarts Act, as it came to be known largely … Read more

Native American Heritage Month

| By Scot Peacock, Content Strategist| Native American literature originates from oral traditions dating back to the pre-Columbian era. During the colonization of North America, Native American songs, poetry, and stories were written down using European languages, often by Europeans who were at risk of mistranslating a work or misinterpreting its meaning. But by the … Read more

Gale Product Update – New Titles for Gale OneFile

Gale Academic OneFile AAFP News Now (American Academy of Family Physicians) Peer-reviewed Advances in Bridge Engineering (Springer) Peer-reviewed Africa Journal of Comparative Constitutional Law (Sabinet Online) Peer-reviewed African Yearbook on International Humanitarian Law (Sabinet Online) Peer-reviewed Annals of International Occupational Therapy (Slack, Inc.) Peer-reviewed Athletic Training & Sports Health Care (Slack, Inc.) Peer-reviewed Beni-Suef University … Read more

Native American Heritage Month: Biographies and Essays

| By Carol Brennan | November is U.S. Native American Heritage Month, providing Americans the chance to reflect on the original caretakers of our continental treasures. Since the first-known contact with Europeans in the sixteenth century, Native Americans have played a decisive role in shaping American history and culture. Gale In Context: Biography features hundreds … Read more

Expanding Accessibility with New Text Display Features

| By Gale Staff | At Gale, we’re committed to supporting all learners, and that’s one reason we’re improving readability within our products by updating text display features within dozens of our digital resources. Readers who don’t see well—or who have reading disabilities—may benefit when they have a variety of ways to alter their view … Read more

Voices from the Past: Learning Black History from Those Who Lived It

| By Rebecca Parks | In August 2019, the New York Times Magazine published a long-form journalism project, known as the 1619 Project, on the 400th anniversary of the arrival of the first enslaved persons from Africa to colonial Virginia. The collection of essays, commentaries, and poems aimed to reorient U.S. history to centralize slavery’s … Read more

Product Update: New Tests and Updates for Peterson’s Products

The following tests have recently been added to the Gale Presents: Peterson’s Test Prep and Gale Presents: Peterson’s Test and Career Prep products: Teaching Praxis Early Childhood Education Exam Prep Praxis Elementary Education: Content Knowledge Exam Prep Praxis Middle School: Content Knowledge Exam Prep Praxis Parapro Exam Prep Advanced Placement (AP) AP Art History Practice … Read more

Product Update: Gale Analytics: Community Insights

The Gale Analytics team is excited to share that on Tuesday, November 2, 2021, multi-branch library systems using Gale Analytics:Community Insights will be able to export one Tableau Reader output for their entire system, filterable by branch. What Does This Update Mean for Users?Customers will be able to run the report for all libraries within … Read more

Support the Whole Child with Essential SEL Resources

| By Gale Staff | Where do you turn when you’re struggling? For students in schools today, the answer isn’t always simple. One in five teens in the United States suffer from mental health challenges. But according to the Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation, more than 75% don’t seek help.1 That’s one of the reasons Heather … Read more