Tut Talks: Documenting a Capstone Collaboration in Digital Humanities

|By Dr. Sarah Ketchley, Senior Digital Humanities Specialist| As an affiliate faculty member at the University of Washington, I have been working with cohorts of students for over a decade in the field of digital humanities. My area of research expertise is Egyptology, specifically the disciplinary history of the field in the late nineteenth and … Read more

Gale’s Who’s Who Among African Americans Celebrates Extraordinary Everyday Citizens

| By Tara Atterberry | In the course of updating Who’s Who Among African Americans, we identify and present newly listed African Americans, many of whom are up-and-coming shining stars within their respective professions. We’re excited to learn what they’ve already achieved and anxious to see what they will accomplish next. Simultaneously, we honor the … Read more

Native American Heritage Month: Celebrating Fascinating Figures

|By Carol Brennan| November is Native American Heritage Month. Join us in honoring and celebrating the culture, traditions, history, and contributions of Native Americans. Gale In Context: Biography is a comprehensive resource for students and teachers seeking out historical figures, from Samoset (c. 1590–c. 1653), a member of the Eastern Abenaki of Maine who was … Read more

Learning about the World’s Famous Places

|By Elizabeth Mohn| Teachers can take their students on a virtual trip around the country or around the world using the resources available in Gale In Context: Elementary. They can encourage students to learn about cultural, historical, and natural landmarks in the United States and other parts of the world by sharing articles, pictures, and … Read more

Celebrating the Day of the Dead (Dia de Los Muertos)

| By Gale Staff | Curate Your Day of the Dead Lesson Plan Introducing the Day of the Dead (or Dia de Los Muertos) to your students can be a unique way for them to learn about the rich cultural traditions of Mexico. Dancing, food, music, and community characterize this special holiday, and your students … Read more

Thinking Beyond Learning Disabilities and Dyslexia Awareness Month

| By Gale Staff | When you’re growing up, it’s hard enough trying to keep up with your peers and succeed in school without having to face additional challenges. But that’s often the reality for students with learning disabilities (LD) and dyslexia. According to the National Center for Learning Disabilities, approximately 1 in 5 people … Read more

Halloween History: Origins of Tricks and Treats

| By Gale Staff | Take Your Students on a Journey with Gale In Context Resources Classrooms in October are packed with fake cobwebs, snack-size candy bars, and other delightful Halloween decor and treats. For elementary school teachers, the last week in October is the perfect time to create fun Halloween lesson plans and activities … Read more

British Broadcasting Company (BBC) Celebrates Its Centennial

| By J. Robert Parks | On October 18, 1922, the British Broadcasting Company was founded. Known throughout the world as the BBC, it was originally a private company that was granted a monopoly on wireless communication. Of course, in those days, wireless communication had nothing to do with cell phones or texting. Instead, it … Read more