Enhancing Digital Media Literacy for the 2024 Election Season

| By Gale Staff | Since the 2020 election, 16 million Americans have turned 18, boosting younger voices at the polls. Confronted with potential misinformation and bias through social media and other news sources, how can high school educators ensure these new voters are accurately informed? That’s where digital media literacy comes in. Young voters … Read more

Make the Most of the Summer Semester

| By Gale Staff | K-12 educators and staff typically enjoy extended summer vacations, but university employees have all kinds of responsibilities to tend to during the break. As an academic librarian, your role is crucial, even when most students are away for the summer. We’ve compiled a list of ten great ways that librarians … Read more

Youth Mental Health: Understanding Rising Depression Rates

| Barbara Wexler, M.P.H. | May is Mental Health Awareness Month, so let’s discuss mental health in the young. In recent years, there has been a surge of mental health problems among young people, with anxiety and depression predominating. Initially, this surge was attributed to COVID-19–related lockdowns and isolation, but even as the pandemic subsided, … Read more

Explore Caesar’s Reign and Legacy

| By Gale Staff | In addition to being a storied general and a powerful politician, Julius Caesar was one of the most influential individuals in history. He helped shape society as we know it and continues to fascinate scholars. With July 12 marking the birthday of this great Roman leader, use the occasion to … Read more

Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony Debuts

| By J. Robert Parks | Ludwig van Beethoven’s final Ninth Symphony is one of the most famous works of classical music. Its fourth movement in particular, which includes the stirring choral arrangement of Friedrich von Schiller’s “Ode to Joy,” has become a hallmark of movies, commercials, and even ringtones. The symphony was first performed … Read more

Spark Curiosity About the History of Juneteenth

| By Gale Staff | Three years into the brutal and bloody Civil War, on January 1, 1863, Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation. This landmark declaration stated, “all persons held as slaves within any State or designated part of a State the people whereof shall then, be in rebellion against the United States shall … Read more

America’s Birthday: Join the Festivities!

|By Gale Staff | Most elementary students have a general appreciation for Independence Day. From Thomas Jefferson and the Declaration of Independence to sparklers and barbecues, Americans are familiar with the lore and the customs. However, under all the star-spangled decor, Independence Day is an academically fascinating holiday, especially for young learners developing their research … Read more

Highlighting Contributions of Jewish Americans

| By Carol Brennan | May is Jewish American Heritage Month, and this blog post highlighting the contributions of Jewish Americans could theoretically consume several hours of your reading time today. However, we have narrowed it down to a concise, but by no means comprehensive, the highlight of four centuries of Jewish American achievement — … Read more