New Ford Service Manual Data from ChiltonLibrary

| By Chilton Staff | The ChiltonLibrary OEM (original equipment maker) data is written by Ford and Lincoln engineers to aid dealer technicians, so it’s detailed and complete. You’ll find the Ford and Lincoln OEM data is rich with authoritative, step-by-step procedures, illustrations, specifications, and more that ChiltonLibrary users require. And, as vehicles evolve, ChiltonLibrary keeps … Read more

Exploring the Gale Digital Scholar Lab as a Student of International Relations

| By Alyssa Anderson, Gale Ambassador at Florida International University | International Relations involves critical analysis for most of its topics, from global conflict to climate change. With the Gale Digital Scholar Lab, this research gets easier to navigate (and much less time-consuming)! The Gale Digital Scholar Lab is a cutting-edge, data-mining tool that accesses … Read more

6 Reasons Your Classroom Needs Gale In Context: For Educators

| By Gale Staff | Teaching is your passion, but it’s a relentless day-in and day-out calling. To your kids, you’re a superhero—but even superheroes can use someone in their corner. Someone to help cover your bases with the latest tools and technology that meet your students’ needs while keeping pace with ever-changing standards and … Read more

Encouraging Student Success with Financial Literacy Topics

| By Gale Staff | Middle school is a time when students are beginning to think more about their futures, and they can benefit from learning about real-world skills and concepts that they can use now and in the future. One topic students may benefit from learning about is personal finance. Financial literacy, or understanding … Read more

Celebrate Easter Around the World

| By Gale Staff | Celebrating holidays in your elementary classroom is always exciting—and the topic can be especially engaging from a global perspective. Learning how different cultures approach the same holiday is fascinating and encourages students to identify connections between themselves and those from other backgrounds, encouraging empathy and nurturing curiosity. As the spring … Read more

Celebrate Lesser-Known Pioneers This Black History Month

| By Gale Staff | February 2024 marks the 48th anniversary of Black History Month—and an exciting opportunity for educators to broaden students’ horizons beyond the current cultural canon of Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Malcolm X. Gale In Context: Biography brings the legacies of these luminaries to light, highlighting their indelible impact … Read more

How Text Sets Can Supplement and Enrich Traditional ELA Instructional Materials

| By Char Shryock | There’s a large base of reading research that supports the importance of providing students with regular opportunities to work with grade-appropriate text sets. This is different from the traditional canon-based approach that focuses on novel studies or spends large chunks of instructional time on a single story. Most anthologies are … Read more