The Cicadas Are Emerging!

| By Amy Hackney Blackwell | This May and June will see an entomological event that occurs only once every 221 years. Two broods of periodical cicadas are now digging their way out of their subterranean homes. One brood consists of cicadas that emerge every 17 years. The other is cicadas on a 13-year cycle. … Read more

Get Students Excited to Vote

| By Gale Staff | In many states, teenagers can register to vote before they turn 18—but there is no age limit for learning about the democratic process. Experts encourage early voter education. A 2020 study found that students who learned about the voting process in high school were “more likely to vote and participate … Read more

Gain an Early Edge in Lesson Planning

| By Gale Staff | Soon, schools will be closing for summer break. But in addition to pool parties and family vacations, that final bell signifies something else for K–12 teachers: time to begin creating lessons for the next school year. Before you submit your final grades and head for the pool, check out the … Read more

Enhancing Digital Media Literacy for the 2024 Election Season

| By Gale Staff | Since the 2020 election, 16 million Americans have turned 18, boosting younger voices at the polls. Confronted with potential misinformation and bias through social media and other news sources, how can high school educators ensure these new voters are accurately informed? That’s where digital media literacy comes in. Young voters … Read more

Make the Most of the Summer Semester

| By Gale Staff | K-12 educators and staff typically enjoy extended summer vacations, but university employees have all kinds of responsibilities to tend to during the break. As an academic librarian, your role is crucial, even when most students are away for the summer. We’ve compiled a list of ten great ways that librarians … Read more

Youth Mental Health: Understanding Rising Depression Rates

| Barbara Wexler, M.P.H. | May is Mental Health Awareness Month, so let’s discuss mental health in the young. In recent years, there has been a surge of mental health problems among young people, with anxiety and depression predominating. Initially, this surge was attributed to COVID-19–related lockdowns and isolation, but even as the pandemic subsided, … Read more

Explore Caesar’s Reign and Legacy

| By Gale Staff | In addition to being a storied general and a powerful politician, Julius Caesar was one of the most influential individuals in history. He helped shape society as we know it and continues to fascinate scholars. With July 12 marking the birthday of this great Roman leader, use the occasion to … Read more