Using Social Media to Engage with Library Users

| By Gracelyn Andi Graham | It’s more important than ever before for libraries to find ways to engage with their users and keep people actively reading and learning. This is partly a general statement, in that it has become increasingly important to preserve the value and appeal of libraries, particularly for young people. However, … Read more

How Is the 2020–21 School Year Going? Educators Share How They’re Addressing the Gaps

| By Gale Staff | A few months ago, educators shared their top concerns about returning to school amid the ongoing pandemic. With the fall semester almost concluded, we reached out once more to gain an understanding of how the 2020–21 school year is going, where teachers are seeing gaps, and how they’re addressing them. … Read more

Letting Kids Know They’re Not Alone

Digital mental health resources for students | By Gale Staff | Nationally, one out of five teens suffer from mental health challenges, and more than 75 percent don’t seek help.1 With COVID-19 and social issues changing life as we know it, it’s even more important that students learn how to deal with their emotions in … Read more

Integrating the Gale Digital Scholar Lab Into Your Courses

Best practices for teaching and learning | By Lindsey Gervais, PhD, Digital Learning Manager, Gale | Building on our major release of the Learning Center last March, we’re excited to announce the release of course development materials, now available through the Gale Digital Scholar Lab, to further support faculty teaching digital humanities. Whether this is your first time integrating … Read more

While March May Be Unpredictable, Our Featured Titles Are Solid

| By Thorndike Staff | Depending on where you hang your hat, March can bear witness to already-blazing sun or still-lingering snow. Our monthly picks are a mix as well! Everything from a deep-diving memoir about group therapy to an exploration of why Black people are literally “sick and tired”; along with a tangled tale … Read more

How to Find the Facts about COVID-19 Vaccines

| By K. Lee Lerner | Misinformation and disinformation plague coverage of many news events, and the COVID-19 global pandemic has proven no exception. With regard to the spread of errant and misleading information—ranging from the origins of the SARS-CoV-2 virus to subsequent efforts by public health officials to slow the spread of COVID-19—both media … Read more