Bring Out the Vote with New Library Advocacy Tool

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Across the nation, libraries receive widespread support from the communities they serve because people understand the value of their local library.  Mostly.  I mean, almost always.  Except for when they don’t….

When your library’s funding is at risk, are you willing to wait idly by and see if people show up at the polls?  Or would you like to actively reach out to your more enthusiastic patrons to inform and encourage them to support their favorite public institution?

Patron Voter Analysis, a new app available in Gale’s unique Analytics On Demand product, gives you the tools you need to identify voter households who use library resources and develop targeted contact lists to inform them about pending election issues related to your library funding or leadership ballot issues.

Analytics On Demand Patron Voter Analysis
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How it works:

  • The app compares voter registration data to library records to identify households that use library resources and voted in recent elections.
  • The app generates email addresses and/or mailing addresses (depending on the contact information you collect from cardholders) to send targeted messaging.

The result is you gain the ability to communicate with library users and keep them informed about ballot issues that affect the library and the resources they depend on.

This powerful new tool is available now to help you prepare for upcoming ballot issues, whether millages, budget issues, board elections, and other municipal matters that involve your library.

Analytics On Demand and the new Patron Voter Analysis app can help your library respond to your community, with expert insight and targeting.

See for yourself how the Patron Voter Analysis app can help you pinpoint potential library supporters and remind them to vote for your cause; download a free sample report today.M2k Tekno

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