Zombies in the Library

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I worked in a library during high school, but left for college. I was hired back as a clerk at the library and was assigned to help with our teen programming events. This was my first real foray into the teen world at a library and I was terrified of having to plan my first activity. I decided that I wanted to do a Humans vs. Zombies night at the library, so I bought the dart guns, put the word out, and crossed my fingers.

The night came and we had at least 20 teens show up ready and rearing to go. It was the funnest night that many of these teens have had in a long time. Many of them are from disadvantaged households, single parent homes, and are struggling in school. It was truly incredible to see them come to a place that you would not normally see them and engage themselves with others their age. Those same teens that came to my first ever activity are now some of the most regular attenders of Thursday night teen activities. They find the library to be a fun, safe place to hang out and feel comfortable talking to me about their lives and what is happening to them. It is truly gratifying to see this amazing phenomenon happening here.

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