A Smile!

By Jane W. I will never forget one dad who brought his 5 year old to story time. He asked me one week if we had room for his 4 year old neighbor girl who he wanted to bring along with his daughter. He brought her the next week and said it was the first … Read more

A Lifelong Tradition

By Jane W. In 1959, Lucy was a young mom who didn’t know anyone in her new hometown of Greenwood. With two kids, no car, and no extra money, Lucy and her kids needed things that would get them out of the house. Lucy loved to read, and really wanted her children to love reading … Read more

You Mean it’s FREE?!

By Jane W. 

I work at a public library in a medium size town. We host a holiday event each year where we host carriage rides, pictures with Santa, a live reindeer, crafts for the kids to do and take home, puppet shows, a Christmas tree lighting, and more. It is a free family event. We have hundreds of people attend.
I worked the door one year, and a man came to the door holding the hands of his 2 daughters.

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Happy Endings

By Susan J. 

I had Curt in my Excel classes a few years ago. He had been laid off and seemed tense and quiet, but he was very serious about learning new skills for the jobs he was applying for. He came faithfully to classes for a while, but then we stopped seeing him around the library. We hoped that meant he had gotten a job.

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My Favorite Place

By Tamara J.  Junior high is an awkward age for most children, and I was no exception. I was not invited into the circle of “popular” kids, and I did not want to be in the circle of kids making trouble. I did well in classes, but my teachers were the only ones that knew … Read more

Computing in the Library

By Erin D. I have fond memories of using (even eventually managing) the library computer lab at Notre Dame University, where I was a student in the early ’90s. The lab was one of many services that the Hesburgh Library provided. In those days I used the library to find books I needed for papers; … Read more