Offsetting the Diploma Deficit

Today, the high school dropout rate has reached epidemic levels. There are nearly 40 million Americans without a high school diploma—and those adults looking to return to high school have limited options. The startling figures below from the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2012 American Community Survey, uncover just how many adults in each state has less … Read more

Why We Choose Gale

By Jenny Wirtz, Teacher Librarian, Ankeny High School

In Iowa, we are fortunate to have the support of Area Education Agencies (AEA) that assist the local K-12 school districts. One of the services that our AEA provides to us is access to many high-quality resources at no cost to our district, including several Gale products. However, I still choose to spend a portion of my shrinking budget on three specific Gale Databases because I believe they offer the best experiences for our high school students. What puts Gale above the competition? I believe it is their quality content, appealing layout and design, and above all the seamless integration between the Gale products and other tools we use such as Google Drive, Google Classroom, and EasyBib.

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Volunteers Share Their Library Love Stories – And Their Time

By Jessica L.

The best part of my job is hearing what people love about the library! As the Volunteer Coordinator at the Cedar Rapids Public Library, I have interviewed over 200 volunteers in the past two years. One question I always ask is “What attracted you to volunteering at the library?” I love to hear the diverse answers our volunteers give. They want to give back to their community. They want to connect with others. They love the library and want to support its success. They love books. They remember coming to this library as a child. They love coming here with their kids. And on, and on, and on…

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