Offsetting the Diploma Deficit

Today, the high school dropout rate has reached epidemic levels. There are nearly 40 million Americans without a high school diploma—and those adults looking to return to high school have limited options. The startling figures below from the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2012 American Community Survey, uncover just how many adults in each state has less … Read more

Zombies in the Library

I worked in a library during high school, but left for college. I was hired back as a clerk at the library and was assigned to help with our teen programming events. This was my first real foray into the teen world at a library and I was terrified of having to plan my first activity. I decided that I wanted to do a Humans vs. Zombies night at the library, so I bought the dart guns, put the word out, and crossed my fingers.

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North Logan City Library Fosters a Love of Art in Children in the Community

By Hanna I.

While I was a college student working as a library clerk, I found a way to combine my work with two of my passions: art and teaching children. During that time, I was studying to become an elementary school teacher. As I spent time in elementary schools as part of my education, I noticed that there is a trend in our nation towards high stakes testing in math, reading, and science, which has an unfortunate consequence of squeezing the arts out of the curriculum.

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Inspire A Lifelong Love of Reading…One Party at a Time

By Adam W. 

The love of reading happens over the Summer, after you shut the text book for the year and chart your own reading course. Kids are going to read in November because they read what they wanted in the Summer. The Summer Reading Party is just an extension of reading, it is one chapter to spark a lifelong love.

The 2014 theme is Spark a Reaction and that is exactly what we do with the Library Kick-Off Party. We kickstart the rest of the Summer. We have rides, bounce houses, authors, prize giveaways, Kindles, GoPros, Boat Rentals, even a PS4.

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