Look Inside: Passenger and Immigration Lists Index

| By Tara Atterberry | In 1922, husband and wife acrobats and German citizens Eric and Alma Phillip sailed from Bremen, Germany to New York City aboard the passenger ship S.S. Seydlitz. They intended to make a new home in North America. More than 1,200 other passengers from Austria, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Germany, Hungary, Lithuania, the … Read more

A Look Inside Gale’s Passenger and Immigration Lists Index: 2020 Edition

| By Tara Atterberry & Jill Lectka | According to the Migration Policy Institute, between 35 and 40 million individuals immigrated to the Americas between the late 1500s and the early 21st century. The upcoming Passenger and Immigration Lists Index: 2020 Edition, available December 6, 2019, continues the compilation of this content by profiling an … Read more

Gale’s Passenger and Immigration Lists Index: A Must-Have Source on Immigrant History

| By Tara Atterberry | John Harrower, a Scottish businessman, was forced to leave his home and family in December 1773 in search of a more stable means of employment. He traveled across Europe for more than six weeks but was not able to secure employment and was desperate for work. As a last resort, … Read more