Sexiest eBooks alive…or at least the most popular

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Stealing a page from People Magazine’s popular annual feature, we thought you may be interested to know what’s hot in the world of eBooks. I mean, there’s no Adam Levine or Johnny Depp here, but you’ll find a listing of fascinating and informative resources that are in high demand across the country. Nearly as exciting.

Here are the Top 25 GVRL eBooks for Public Libraries across the United States. See who they appeal to!


The real winner here is any Beginner in search of the facts.

With an award-winning eBook platform (GVRL), Gale has pretty good insight into what’s hot in Libraryland when it comes to research-oriented eBooks. And with unlimited cross-searching across all titles in your collection, patrons will be able to pinpoint information on the topic they’re interested in.

GVRL provides persistent URLs for each article, so users can share or bookmark their finds confidently; the information won’t disappear on them. In addition, users can easily translate articles into their choice of 13 languages – so you can serve non-English-speaking members of your community without hesitation.

Access a free trial to these 25 top eBooks. To add these titles to your collection, contact your Gale Rep today.




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