Recognizing Asian American and Pacific Islander American Achievements

The month of May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, but every month here at Gale we drop a new batch of notable names from the arts, literature, politics, and sciences into our landmark Gale In Context: Biography database. This May, celebrate the heritage of Asian American and Pacific Islander American people (AAPI) by catching … Read more

Genocide Awareness and Prevention Month

| By Carol Brennan | The month of April is designated Genocide Awareness and Prevention Month, a time of sober reflection on the large-scale human rights catastrophes that remain a painfully vivid reminder of the barbaric abuses of political power that have been committed in the modern era. Gale In Context: Biography includes hundreds of … Read more

Celebrate Women’s History Month with Gale In Context

| By Kris Krapp | From abolitionists and authors to entertainers and world leaders, there are countless women worth celebrating during Women’s History Month. Need inspiration for women to highlight in your school or library? Explore ideas to help students learn about women’s history using Gale In Context resources. Start Women’s History Month with Gale’s … Read more

Gale, Your Go-To Source for Women’s History

| By Carol Brennan | Welcome to another fascinating tour of Gale In Context: Biography, your comprehensive source for researching topics for Women’s History Month! Our archives are not only full of solidly researched and informative essays on major names in the history of women’s achievements and activism but also thrillingly packed with thousands of … Read more

Gale In Context: Biography Highlights Black Americans

| By Carol Brennan | Every February, Black History Month gives us here at Gale a chance to look back at some of the incredible heroes who are featured in Gale In Context: Biography. There’s extensive coverage of major names from politics, the arts, science, sports, and social-justice causes—drawn from legacy Gale titles like Contemporary … Read more

Myths Debunked: 5 Widely Believed Tales about Historical Figures

| By Gale Staff | Although history is reliant on facts, many misconceptions exist about well-known historical figures. Did George Washington have wooden teeth? Did Einstein fail math? As historians look at the past with a critical eye, they’ve found proof to debunk common myths that evolved over time and are now widely accepted. Myths … Read more

International Human Rights Day

| By Carol Brennan | On December 10, 1948, the United Nations (UN) General Assembly voted to adopt the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), one of the most comprehensive blueprints to ensure the civil liberties of all global citizens regardless of gender, ethnicity, or religious affiliation. Every December 10th, International Human Rights Day is … Read more

Native American Heritage Month: Celebrating Fascinating Figures

|By Carol Brennan| November is Native American Heritage Month. Join us in honoring and celebrating the culture, traditions, history, and contributions of Native Americans. Gale In Context: Biography is a comprehensive resource for students and teachers seeking out historical figures, from Samoset (c. 1590–c. 1653), a member of the Eastern Abenaki of Maine who was … Read more

LGBT History Month

| By Carol Brennan | October is LGBT History Month and Gale In Context: Biography is full of incisive profiles on the many dedicated trailblazers and fearless activists who have worked over the decades to ensure equal rights in democratic societies. We’d like to start by mentioning a recent loss to the cause with the … Read more