By Barbara M. 

Where I grew up, visiting the library was a Saturday morning downtown trip . My mother, heading for the Bargain Basement at Hess’ Dept Store, dropped me off and I excitedly ran up many stone library steps to open tall, wooden and glass doors. Enormous bronze handles easily gave way to the children’s section waiting for me on the second floor.

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Inspire A Lifelong Love of Reading…One Party at a Time

By Adam W. 

The love of reading happens over the Summer, after you shut the text book for the year and chart your own reading course. Kids are going to read in November because they read what they wanted in the Summer. The Summer Reading Party is just an extension of reading, it is one chapter to spark a lifelong love.

The 2014 theme is Spark a Reaction and that is exactly what we do with the Library Kick-Off Party. We kickstart the rest of the Summer. We have rides, bounce houses, authors, prize giveaways, Kindles, GoPros, Boat Rentals, even a PS4.

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