Engaging Students in Conversations about Education 

| By Gale Staff | Public schools have been the primary source of learning for students in K–12 in the United States since the 1800s. In the U.S., taxpayers fund these schools, providing education to millions of children each year.  Public schools have helped countless students prepare themselves for careers or further education. They also … Read more

Teaching STEM Topics that Spark Student Interest

| By Gale Staff | Since the start of the twenty-first century, new initiatives in American education have stressed the importance of teaching science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) to help prepare students for jobs when they enter the workforce. Although readying students for future careers is an important goal of STEM, teachers may want … Read more

Encouraging Critical Thinking About Food and Its Effects

| By Gale Staff | Food is a fundamental part of life. In the United States, food production and consumption significantly influence the economy, the environment, and society. Yet the social issues related to food and eating aren’t always the first topics that come to mind when people are interacting with food on a daily … Read more

Encouraging Student Success with Financial Literacy Topics

| By Gale Staff | Middle school is a time when students are beginning to think more about their futures, and they can benefit from learning about real-world skills and concepts that they can use now and in the future. One topic students may benefit from learning about is personal finance. Financial literacy, or understanding … Read more

Encouraging Student Summer Reading

| By Elizabeth Mohn | When most students think about summer, they think about warm weather and sunshine. Teachers can help students look forward to reading over the break by developing a summer reading list and introducing books on the list to students through resources available in Gale In Context: Middle School. Summer reading programs … Read more

Asking Questions and Making Connections to Science

| By Elizabeth Mohn | Middle school students are curious, eager learners who are constantly looking for connections between lessons and their own lives. Asking questions to engage students’ natural curiosity is one way for teachers to help them make meaningful connections and spark a desire to find answers for themselves. Gale In Context: Middle … Read more

Celebrate Women’s History Month with Gale In Context

| By Kris Krapp | From abolitionists and authors to entertainers and world leaders, there are countless women worth celebrating during Women’s History Month. Need inspiration for women to highlight in your school or library? Explore ideas to help students learn about women’s history using Gale In Context resources. Start Women’s History Month with Gale’s … Read more

Celebrating Native American Culture through Research and Reflection

| By Gale Staff | Americans explore and celebrate Native American culture, history, and social contributions every year during November, which is Native American Heritage Month in the United States. Teachers can help their students celebrate the month and learn about important figures in U.S. history by accessing new portals available in Gale In Context: … Read more