I Hate Science Projects! But….

By Mike S. 

There’s no use pretending. I HATE science project questions!!!

My main gripe is that some kids fail to get the idea that a science project is about comparing different processes, methods, variables. The research literature you need has to do with what is already known about those variables, not about your particular combination of variables.

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Our 10 Plus Favorite Book Blogs

Book Blogs for Librarians

By Mary Kelly and Holly Hibner

Book blogs are everywhere. One of the best features of technology is when readers can share with other readers.  The love of books is shared by so many people across the web. These websites are great for everything from collection development, new releases, genre favorites and discussions.  However, literary types tend to get a bit stuffy. We prefer something less precious and more about the greater landscape of entertainment. Preferably with a bookish touch.

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Resources that Help Crafters Cultivate, Connect, and Create  

Knitting at your library

Marissa, whose interest in crafting was piqued by Pinterest, gets a great sense public library Resources for The Crafter of accomplishment in learning new skills and has even begun to sell her creations on a craft website and in a local shop that carries unique handmade items.

Erica Domesek, founder of PS I Made This and a judge on The Learning Channel’s Craft Wars, sees this as a strong trend among younger consumers, saying, “People are interested in making their lives more beautiful, more fun.” Homemade crafts offer a welcome respite from the proliferation of impersonal, mass-produced goods.

As crafting grows in popularity, thanks to enthusiastic sharing of craft ideas on social network sites and a renewed desire for handmade artistry, community members are looking for resources that can support their interests.

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In Other News: The Royals

A look at a current news item through the lens of different titles available on GVRL.  By Michelle Eickmeyer Lorde was right; we will never be Royals. (At least not most of us, at any rate.) Of all the British things we Americans like, the Royal family is top of the list. Particularly, we are … Read more