In Other News: The Grand Jury

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By Michelle Eickmeyer

Earlier this week, I read this article about growing concern with the silent dwindling of the wild giraffe population around the world. I really wanted to write about giraffes. But I can’t. Instead, this week we’ll focus on the concept of the grand jury and what, for many, seems like a system which makes no sense and is mightily broken.

Two grand juries returned verdicts this week in cases involving a white police officer and the death of a black man. From lack of proof to belief that ample proof was ignored, protests and press conferences, the strength of the American legal system was the lead story every day this week. For better, or worse.

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New Marketing Action Analytics On Demand Apps for Patrons and Non-Patrons

Analytics On Demand Marketing Action

Create meaningful outreach programs to targeted segments of your community

Discover the insights you need to make (and measure!) an impact with Analytics On Demand, a new data solution that helps libraries quickly and easily learn more about their users and communities.

Take marketing action! Watch a short video to learn how the apps can help your library.

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New Access Point and Enhancements for Analytics On Demand

Analytics On Demand Public Library

Analytics On Demand is moving off the Alteryx server and will undergo some look and feel enhancements. The new site will be available today, December 3, 2014. With this change, we’re also adding free bonus apps and a collaboration site for users.

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Find Top Publisher’s Weekly Best Books of 2014…in Large Print

Publisher's Weekly Best Books of 2014

The highly anticipated annual Publisher’s Weekly Best Books list gets the full attention of three enthusiastic groups of people:

  • Authors, who want their book to be on it
  • Readers, who refer to it to discover new books for their must-read list
  • Librarians, who use it to develop their collections with high-quality, relevant titles

Well, this year’s list has arrived, and it’s stocked with great books that readers in every community are itching to read.

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Edmonton Public Library expands program helping homeless

The Edmonton Public Library’s outreach program, which focuses on supporting the city’s homeless population, is expanding to five more libraries. The program, which partners with Boyle Street Community Services, was launched in 2011 in response to the growing number of people seeking refuge at the downtown Stanley Milner branch. Jared Tkachuk, an outreach worker, explains … Read more

Summit presents plans to provide high-speed broadband in schools and libraries

Some 110 school leaders from across the nation attended the National Connected Superintendents on November 20. The event was part of the Obama administration’s 5-year plan, ConnectED, to provide nearly universal high-speed broadband connectivity to schools and libraries. Currently, fewer than 40% of schools have access to high-speed Internet. U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan … Read more

Neil Gaiman: Libraries are ‘cultural seed corn’

In this interview with Toby Litt, British author Neil Gaiman talks about the immense value of libraries and describes himself as a “feral child who was raised in libraries.” He notes that he was three or four when he first started visiting his local library and was “hooked” at the point that he could persuade … Read more

SLC Public Library Considering Opening 24 Hours a Day

Beginning in early 2015, a two-year pilot project may enable the Salt Lake City Public Library’s downtown branch to stay open 24 hours a day. According to John Spears, executive director of the library, the goal of the project is to give homeless people a safe place to go at night, while also serving other … Read more