Get Started in Genealogy with the 3 W’s


October is National Family History Month. Do you have the genealogy and family history resources that genealogists and enthusiasts in your community need? And do they know how to get started? Help your family historians and researchers make deeper historic connections while exploring their roots. Gale Genealogy Connect – the ideal complement to fact/people-based genealogy sources – … Read more

Tracing Native American Genealogy in Federal Records of  Five Civilized Tribes  

By Rachal Mills Lennon Excerpted from the book, Tracing Ancestors Among the Five Civilized Tribes The history and culture of the American South are unique, owing chiefly to the intermingling of the races and the diverse ethnic backgrounds of countless families. Modern Southerners proudly boast traditions–real or not–of Native American ancestry. Odds are, these traditions … Read more

Washington D.C. Land of Genealogy

Library of Congress

By Joe Garonzik Answer the following questions either True or False: No genealogical research is ever complete unless it has been authenticated by original source records. Salt Lake City is not the site of the greatest collection of accessible genealogical records in the U.S. The National Archives in Washington, D.C. is only one of many genealogyRead more

Rich Genealogy History in Carolina Origins

By Joe Garonzik In 1663, England’s King Charles II ceded the Carolinas to Anthony Ashley Cooper and seven other proprietors who had supported the Stuarts in ending the Cromwellian Revolution and returning Charles II to the throne. Notwithstanding the 16th-century exploits of Sir Walter Raleigh and legendary Virginia Dare, it was a group of Virginians … Read more

Genealogy Tips to Handle the Pitfalls of Passenger Records

Genealogy Public Library Resources

By Michael Tepper Researchers often run into problems when they are on the trail of an immigrant ancestor. The most common misconception about passenger lists is the belief that people had their names changed when they got to Ellis Island. In fact, immigrants did not change their names unless they applied for a change of name by … Read more

Biographical Resource Receiving Major Enhancements

| By Gale Staff | We’re pleased to announce a new user experience planned for our Biography and Genealogy Master Index. On Tuesday, June 30, 2020, this subscription product will migrate to the newly enhanced Gale Directory Library platform. The addition of essential workflow tools and expanded data sorting, filtering, and exporting will make this resource … Read more

Passenger & Immigration Lists Index Now On the Gale Directory Library Platform

| By Tara Atterberry | When I was a little girl in Rockwood, Michigan, I spent hours poring over the family photos and documents my grandmother stored in her bottom bureau drawer. I never tired of going through the old photos; handwritten family trees; and birth, marriage, and death certificates. On this side of the … Read more